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Abendrot ~The Day The Sun Didn't Set~, or simply referred to as Abendrot, is an original magical girl series written by Pri. Some inspiration of the series include Greek and Roman Mythology, such as both the protagonists and antagonists, weapons and attacks, and settings.


Pessimistic Sato Eliana isn’t enjoying life right now. The following repeats daily: Her presence is ignored at home, but the oppressors at school try to make her life a living hell, coercing her to vanish. Ironically, she’s caught in another terrorist attack, and the chance of her disappearing from this world was high. As she accepts “fate”, a fairy swoops in and saves Eliana. Though, you could say it didn’t matter, as the teenager runs to someone who’s in danger. Her attempt failed, but her courage conjured a light as bright as the Sun. Suddenly, she wasn’t wearing her school uniform anymore. Instead, she was wearing an outfit similar to what Magical Girls wear. At last, representing Apollo, the birth of a new warrior occurs!

Main Characters Sato ElianaCara UʻilaniYumekawa Miyuki
Psyches ApollonirCyprisAergia
Terra's Force TerraVarunHermioneDennisAraruHadenPsychos
Others Sato SelenaSato AdourAma Mia
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